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Double Shift Body Stress

"Just wanna let you know that I feel the difference after I got a massage from you. Your great! Thanks & for sure I will be looking forward for another session." CA

Skiing Shoulder Injury

"Feeling good, notice a difference already. See you in a few days!" PM

Runner's Legs

"OMG, Was thinking of you today. I feel amazing...hands down the best massage ever.." ER

"upper back/neck workout & work stress."

"Massage was awesome!" MG

I was a pain-wracked lump of cement. Somewhere in the middle of my massage with Eric I felt literally as if my entire body had become unknotted, disentangled. I felt light. I cannot express accurately in words what a fantastic masseur Eric is. You must experience it to believe it. Really great guy too. I'm saving up for next time, which will be sooner rather than later. Amazing. Highly, highly recommended if you really want a mind-blowing massage.

"Actual healing Fluid and Unique"


I was in a bad car accident, hit from behind at high speed, two weeks prior to my massage with Eric. Based on what I'd told him of the accident, and what he could discern with his hands, he worked to relieve and restore balance to me, particularly my upper back and neck. I've had a lot of massages, but this was the first time a massage actually felt therapeutic – like actual healing, fluid and unique to me – rather than just a bit of pampering. He combined the massage with some firm stretching and when I left the table, I couldn't remember when I'd felt so limber and restored. I look forward to my next massage with Eric, and would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a strong massage with real, lasting results.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing bodywork from you are all that you say you are and more." MW
Yoga practitioner and athlete

04/19/07 Overall Rating: 10

My massage from Eric exceeded my expectations in every respect. I am an advanced yoga practitioner and athlete, and was looking for a professional, non-sexual massage from a strong guy who really understands the body. I checked in with Eric before booking the massage to be sure he would not be timid about really getting in and working the glutes and hamstrings. In this and in every respect, Eric really delivered. I found him to be amazingly intuitive. His pressure was consistently right in that narrow window between strong enough and too strong. (In my experience most therapists fall short of strong enough – this was never a problem for Eric.) He is focused, totally competent, and clearly loves to give a great massage. I got off his table feeling totally relaxed, energized, and nurtured. I highly recommend Eric to my friends who want serious quality bodywork. DG

"Intuitive and talented..."

04/09/07 Overall RAting: 10

I looked thru all the reviews of countless masseurs and I jotted Eric's name and number down. I liked what was written about him as well as his description of both himself and his massage. I also liked his price. Many masseurs in my opinion are overvalued. But that's another story! I found Eric to be a total delight...he returned my call right away and sounded very personable. He was very open to discuss what I wanted from the massage and my general health. He showed up on time and the massage exceeded my expectations. He's got a wonderful way with his hands, very intuitive and his demeanor was perfected suited to mine. He can be quiet or conversational...he really reads you personally as well as your body.   Since he's used to working on big guys, he was able to temper his deep tissue work for my smaller frame. And he's really funny too. He set me at ease right away. I have since booked Eric two more times and the more he gets to know my body and me, the better I feel. He also made some great suggestions about diet, stretching and even recommended a great chiropractor...who I'm seeing now. Eric is the real deal. He's punctual, dedicated, professional, and talented. DS

"one of the best massages i've ever had! the body feels great" JS
"Thanks again for the wonderful massage I felt great all day and my sleep pattern
that night was good also." AS
Carpal tunnel syndrome

July '06

I have had a keyboarding-type job for about 15 years and had been experiencing some major wrist pain at the beginning of 2006. I was told by my orthepedist that it was "overuse syndrome" and went to physical therapy. The physical therapy wasn't working very well, so I scheduled an appointment with Eric in June 2006 hoping for some pain relief. Eric was able to do flexion exercises and massage on my arms, wrists and hands that gave immediate relief from the pain. I later found out from a hand surgeon that I actually had carpal tunnel syndrome, and that my other doctor's diagnosis was incorrect. I am now getting the proper treatment for CTS. I have seen Eric about a dozen times since June 2006. If it wasn't for his knowledge of massage, trigger points and joints, etc., I wouldn't have been able to work at all. He really helped me relieve some of the pain. I would highly recommend Eric. He knows what he is doing, is strong and is very intelligent. JJ

"System Re-Boot"


Prior to meeting Eric, I had a stressful event take place in my life. In addition, I had just started back to the gym after a 6 month hiatus due to an injury. Also, I had been experiencing some digestion problems. Upon arriving at his apartment, we discussed any injuries or other issues that I was dealing with, which allowed him to determine his approach to my massage. ( I did not share with him the stressful event that had taken place at this time). Eric determined that he would do basically a "system re-boot." Having had many massages by other therapists throughout my life, I knew instantly that Eric knew what he was doing. He also was more intuitive than anyone that has ever worked on me. Half way through the massage he asked, "my dear boy, what is going on with you?" He intinctly knew that I was dealing with a major life issue. The massage was alot of work, and Eric poured his heart and soul into it. Afterwards, I shared with him the cause of my stress. I felt comfortable with him and respected his knowledge after the massage, and he was also knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. I left feeling drained, and two days later I was sore, as if I had worked out at the gym. Then the healing started. The "re-boot" was pivotal in my entire healing process. Today, I had my second session with Eric. It was just as nuturing as the first, but Eric had noticed the changes since the first session, and secretly I already knew that a significant amount of progress had been made and he had been the catalyst for that change. I plan on frequently visiting Eric now. He has become an key part of my health and lifestyle changes. SA

Triathlete/Marathon Recovery


I went to Eric to help me recover from some long training runs. I'd done a triathlon in the fall and was a few weeks away from my 2nd marathon of the year. I thought I just needed work on my legs to loosen things up there, but Eric started with my upper body and I discovered tightness and knots in places that I hadn't been aware of. He works methodically, with the right amount of pressure for each session. He also varies the massage from session to session and concentrates on areas of greatest need. I had two body work appointments within 10 days. I also had the best marathon time I've ever run -- thanks, Eric! BJ

"One of the best massages I've ever had.." Diavolo Circus Performer


I sent Eric an e-mail early and he replied very quickly, and scheduled the appointment the same day. I was in pain due to overexertion in my work. I am a circus performer. I told him I had bruises and my psoas was very tight. He was great with all his work. He was very knowledgable and worked on aches I didn't know I had. He was also very gentle on areas that were bruised as well, but managed to release muscle tension despite the bruises. He could massage and strextch 1 muscle group and then pin them down to stretch the opposing muscles. It was one of the best massages I ever had. His rate of 75 per haour is very cheap he is worth more than what I paid. If I could afford to pay more I would have.

A monthly client ever since..

I did a fair amount of research by looking at various websites before selecting a masseur. When I read Eric's website, it immediately struck a cord with me in terms of what I was looking for; a legit masseur who knows what he is doing, who also has an overall philosophy that is in tune with mine. He responded very promptly to my emails, answered my questions. We spoke on the phone to confirm my appointment. I found Eric to be as he describes himself. He is very personable. When I arrived we chatted a bit about my physical condition, any particular issues I had, etc. and then he explained in general what he had planned, the kinds of lotions he uses, etc. I felt comfortable from the start. During the massage he was very careful to make sure I was comfortable and that I was not experiencing any pain. He pays attention to the detail. The massage was fantastic. I walked away feeling like new person. He worked on some areas of my body, my legs in particular that I was not even really aware of how knotted they were. I told him I feel as if I have a new set of legs! I have no reservations in recommending him. I have already booked regular monthly appointments with him. KP

Back injury, tennis player...

I threw out my back while playing tennis one weekend and called Eric as a last minute emergency. He promptly responded to my call. I easily arrived at his place: clean, attractive and welcoming apartment. He greeted me with a warm and caring smile, a cool drink of water and we talked about my problem and needs. He explained what he was going to do before we got started and why he was doing it. I felt safe and comfortable throughout the entire massage. I've had many massages over my life time and I have never met anyone as intuitive, knowledgeable and genuinely caring as Eric. He has magical hands and thumbs! Pressure was PERFECT and I walked out of his place feeling two inches taller. J